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Franchise Opportunity

The Squire Franchise Opportunity is a micro franchise system which provides an opportunity for South African citizens and residents to partner with us as our franchisees. A franchisee therefore owns a virtual store from which clients buy their Eazie Grocery Packages. A franchise also builds his business made up of multilevel franchise agencies comprising of sales associates known as associate Franchisees, also selling the the Eazi Grocery Packages. A Franchisee is also a client herself who also purchases the Eazi Grocery Packages.

  • It's about enabling you to buy your monthly grocery without worrying about money.
  • It's about giving you financial independence.
  • Purchase your Eazi Grocery Package.
  • Sign up to the franchise opportunity to become our independent sales associate known as our Franchisee.
  • Build your franchise by finding others who also purchase their Eazi Grocery Packages as well as sign up as your associate Franchisees.
  • You earn monthly incomes paid into your bank account.
  • You earn shopping points known as eNyuku each month which are loaded and accumulate in your account known as ePurse.
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Ever wondered how easy life woulld be if money were no object: knowing that each time you want to do your shopping you never have to worry abou money?

eNyuku is a vehicle which is designed to do just that. As a Franchisee, each month you earn shoppping points known as eNyuku which are loaded and accumulate in your account known as ePurse.

So, when you want to do your shopping you never have to worry about money – just do your shopping, redeem your eNyuku towards your purchase, sit back and enjoy.

Getting started is easy… follow the following easy steps:

  • Attend a franchise opportunity presentation at one of our venues across the country.
  • Purchase your Eazi Grocery Package.
  • Sign up to become a Franchisee.

Support Services

The Squire provides five core support services for your success as our franchisee. Click on the links below to learn more.

PRESS Academy

PRESS Academy is an important training program that you must attend immediately after signing up to be equipped with all the skills and knowledge you need to get started and for your continued success.


It is important to keep your finger on the pulse of your business so you know how you and your Franchisees are doing. Each month in your eServices portal you will access a wide range of reports to help you monitor and manage your business progress and success.


Every Franchisee is registered to our notifications and interactive service. You will receive SMS’s and messages in your eServices on a regular basis with updates of news, upcoming events, competitions etc.

Success Academy

Here you will receive regular training and development and motivation to equip you with skills for your continued growth, business management, personal development and many other resources for life.

Business Support

Our office is equipped with the latest technology and resources as well as human personnel to help you manage and grow your business. We also provide you with all the requisite support to give you peace of mind.